KAPOPOSANG : “The Underwater Paradise of Spermonde”

KAPOPOSANG : “The Underwater Paradise of Spermonde” Beautiful Of Kapoposang. Picture : Bary Kusuma
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Kapoposang is a group of islands within the administrative area of ​​Liukang Tupabbiring District. In addition to Kapoposang, there are Pandangan, Gondongbali, Tambakulu, Pamanggangan, and Saranti. Of the six islands, only Kapoposang, Pandangan, and Gondongbali which are inhabited. The rest, namely Saranti, Pamanggangan, and Tambakulu are empty islands. The uninhabited islands are often used as stopover places for fishermen who go fishing in the waters around Kapoposang cluster.

The cluster of islands is an area called Taman Wisata Perairan (TWP/Marine Tourism Park). Each island has different span. Saranti Island is the smallest. The extent is only about 4 sq. Km. While the largest island is Kapoposang with an area of ​​about 42 sq. Km. The morphology of the islands in the Kapoposang cluster is similar to those of the islands in the Maldives. Their mainland is flat with a sloping white sandy beach. In some islands, for example Tambakulu, the cluster of coral has intermittent edges which creates  very beautiful panoramas.

Beach at Kapoposang. Picture : Bary Kusuma

Aerial view shows that Kapoposang Island resembles a giant fish having a big tail and fins on its abdomen. The whole beach is white by the color of the sand. The color gradation formed by the air is just like the other islands. Also visible a kind of spots which show the broad distribution of coral reefs. The color difference between shallow and deep sea is really stiff. This shows that the area is a drop off and wall (cliff and coral wall) that becomes one of the characteristics of underwater conditions of Kapoposang Island.

Kapoposang Island has an adequate life support since it is populated mostly by Bugis and Makassar ethnics. The typical Bugis-Makassar houses on stilts clustering in several locations and the life of the local fishermen have become an interesting sight. Moreover, its friendly residents are typical of other islanders in the Spermonde Islands. They always greet the visiting tourists with their sincere smile. On this island, there are also several resorts managed by private and the Natural Resources Conservation Agency of Pangkep Regency.

Kapoposang has a beautiful white sandy beaches in nearly all parts of the island. The peak of the most fantastic beauty when aerial-viewed is during the afternoon before sunset. The eastern coast of Kapoposang Island is like a romantic shady land. In addition to having bays, the sea here is also very quiet.

Beach at Kepoposang. Picture Bary Kusuma

Walk to the south side beach. Although short, this location is a favorite place for tourists to sunbathe since it is relatively quieter and far from the settlements. Not surprisingly, foreign tourists who come to Kapoposang feel like they are in a wonderland. There is no other sound but the natural orchestra in the form of the sound of the waves and the squeak of the seagulls in between the sea breeze that gently swing the twigs of the pine.

On Kapoposang Island, you will find thousands of coconut trees and sea pines (Casuarina Ecuisetifolia), as well as mangroves (Rhizophora sp., Avicenia sp.). The three types of trees are crammed in the edge of the beach. Going deeper to the middle of the island, you will meet big breadfruit trees, as well as various types of shrubs. There are also some animals such as white belly sea eagles (Haliaeetus Leucogaster), white egrets (Egretta sp.), kingfishers (Alcedo atthis), as well as bats (Pteropus vampirus).

Kapoposang has also a lake lined with coral and sand, but its water is the sea water that enters through the sandy slit during high tide. From its shore, the water looks very calm and clear, surrounded by mangrove forest. This area has a very romantic panorama for boating or canoeing. Its shore is a wide land suitable for a cottage with views of the lake and the sea.

Sitting on the resort’s veranda at Kapoposang beach as the sun sets in the west line while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee will be a beautiful marine times. It will indeed be an unforgettable experience!

Beautiful Of Kapoposang. Picture : Bary Kusuma

At night, you can watch the flickering lights of fishermen’s boats which are fishing, lining lengthwise and crowded like a night market in the ocean. Kapoposang Island does offer the beauty of 24 hours. Starting from white sand, coral reefs, colorful fish, turtles, molluscs, coastal vegetation and mangroves, to the sensation of underwater paradise at various diving points.

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